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Agricultural News

Tightening Supply Pushes Fed Prices Higher

Cash fed cattle trade was called moderately active last week, with the South at $142 per cwt., $1 higher. Cattle in the North sold $143 to $144 per cwt. live and $226 to $228 dressed, steady to $1 higher. Feeder cattle traded $2 to $6 lower and calves $1 to $5 lower.

Shipping Container Rates Down 63%, But We’re a Long Way From Back to Normal Operations

A record 109 bottlenecked ships were documented by the Marine Exchange of Southern California & Vessel Traffic Service Los Angeles and Long Beach in January 2022. 

As of last Monday, that ship count sat at eight—an all-time low.

When Stray Voltage Strikes

People often experience stray voltage as a low-level electric shock when they touch metal or water and consider it a minor nuisance. 

Livestock can have a much more negative reaction. That was true for the Nelsons’ cowherd. 

Wheat Market Showing Signs of a Price Rebound, Analyst Says

Wheat futures charts are indicating a market that has dropped from spring highs, consolidated, and now is in a position to rally. A rising dollar and improving spring wheat conditions, coupled with grain movement out of Ukraine, all pressured wheat prices.

‘Right-To-Repair’ Bills Languish as Time for Congressional Action Dwindles

So-called right-to-repair laws won’t help consumers but could damage the retailers and manufacturer-authorized repair shops now in business, said a string of Republican lawmakers at a House hearing on Wednesday, while a consumer advocate warned that “repair monopolization” was pervasive in sectors including personal computing, TVs, and agriculture.